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Oliver Covrett is an acclaimed multi-disciplinary visual creative based out of New York City. He specializes in commercial, editorial, fashion, music, and creative photography using both film and digital photo mediums.


Oliver attended Brooklyn College for Film Production and began his career as a music video director and editor. Quickly making a name for himself within the industry, Oliver directed over 200 music videos in the span of 4 years for clients such as Melba Moore, Leela James, and Waka Flocka Flame and gained national attention on BET and VH1.

Oliver's photography work is inspired by human emotion and storytelling. He tends to create with his heart: not just capturing a striking image, but responding to a tangible feeling. Oliver also has a history of producing street and graffiti art. This visual art combines the portraiture he specializes in today with the graffiti culture he experienced during his youth. 

Oliver is not only a visual creative, but also a community builder and educator. He has worked with non-profit companies such as Bushwick Film Festival, Ghetto Film School, and Brooklyn College Community Partnership to develop free photo and video workshops for young emerging artists that may not find these industries accessible. He has been a recurring speaker at Youtube Spaces in New York City and Los Angeles, leading filmmaking workshops for YouTubers, and is heavily involved in the creator community from coast to coast, creating events and partnerships with community spaces, technology companies, and creatives alike. 

Most recently, Oliver has founded Boerum Studios, a full-service production studio in Brooklyn, NY, housed in a converted factory loft, complete with 12 ft ceilings and 61 linear feet of windows, and adorned with vintage furniture and props. With multiple studios, the spaces are made to inspire as soon as you walk in.

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